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In 2015 Macdonald Racing teamed up with Dirt Dog Gear to bring you a different style of speedway merchandise. 

Macdonald Racing is a 2 car, family operated, budget speedway race team, racing in the highly competitive Modified Sedan division. The team is made up of brothers Shane(CR27) and Nathan(CR32). The boys are supported un-conditionally in their speedway by their respective families(Shane's wife Keryn and daughter Chelsea, Nathan's wife Cyrisse, daughter Chloe, son Lucas and of course not to forget their parents Lindsay and Naomi), and other family and friends who help out during the year.

In 2015 an opportunity to become Dirt Dog Gear distributors came about as a way of raising extra revenue to keep the cars competitive and on the track.

Our application was accepted and all of our range of Dirt Dog Gear is maintained and operated by our merchandise manager (and Uncle) Peter Macdonald. All profits from the sale of our Dirt Dog Gear merchandise goes directly back to Shane and Nathan and is used to maintain the cars to keep them on the track to provide entertainment to you our fans, supporters, sponsors and friends.

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