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Our high quality, Neoprene, collapsible beverage coolers are perfect for the track, camping, tailgating or any other social activity!  Choose from 7 different logos, designs and slogans printed on any color of these premium, Neoprene insulators.  


  • Constructed of premium, 3.5 mm Neoprene (wet suit material) 
  • Foldable & collapsible to easily fit in pocket or purse
  • Fits most 12 oz. (350ml) cans and bottles

Neoprene vs. "Scuba Foam" Material:
"Scuba Foam" is a marketing term invented to sell lower quality coolers that look similar to neoprene.  "Scuba Foam" is a lighter weight, less insulating, foam material which tends to break down and fall apart much more quickly than neoprene.  Our collapsible, neoprene can coolers are cut and stitched from actual, wet-suit material to provide years of durability and maximum insulation for your cold beverage.  Neoprene is denser (less air pockets), more flexible, more durable and a better insulator than all other foam, can coolers. 

The quick and easy way to determine if an insulator is made from neoprene or "scuba foam" is by the stitching.  True, neoprene coolers almost always feature zig-zag stitching visible on the outside of the product while other koozie materials are sewn with a straight stitch, then turned inside out so the stitching doesn't show.

Collapsible Stubby Holders

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